jeudi 4 février 2016

Fortunately there's childhood

Fortunately there’s childhood
that persists in being reborn
in begging for its pittance
joys, verbs
that whet the appetite
to play, laugh, dance,
sing, shout, draw

The child as a physical being who sings 20 Christmas carols in the middle of January because he doesn’t know that the holidays are over and that there’s been trouble in the world.
The child symbolic of dreams, he can represent, among other things, the start of something, the project, the first steps of a book, of a sculpture, of a painting, that doesn’t yet know the problems afflicting humanity, the difficulties with which it’s confronted.
The inner child and his daily bread, his fears, his anger, his heartaches, his always and his nevers, his enthusiasm and his great disappointments.
Sometimes we have to go back through childhood, see it in a different way, redefine ourselves, so as to sketch out solutions or walk along creative avenues.

 ©  Denise Nadeau
Translation from French to English: Colin Brady

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